Verizon Wireless upcoming device roadmap leaks; is showing Android, Windows Phone 8 and even some BlackBerry 10

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Some of this will come as additional confirmation, and some may come as new and a surprise. Of course, we should point out that none of this has come directly from Verizon Wireless. Nonetheless, it looks like the carriers upcoming device lineup has been leaked. And what a lineup it looks to be. The details are coming by way of the folks at phoneArena who note that while this has come from an unofficial source, it is from a tipster that had provided reliable information in the past. That being said, the list contains goodies to include Android, Windows Phone 8 and even BlackBerry 10.

Beginning first with the BlackBerry 10 details as they are on the lighter side. It was noted that a BlackBerry 10 device with a full-touchscreen will launch sometime in the first quarter of 2013. We remain skeptical on the BlackBerry, not in terms of the release details but in terms of how well it will be received by Verizon customers.

Next up, Windows Phone 8. In regards to WP8 it looks like the HTC Windows Phone 8X, the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Samsung ATIV S will all be arriving in November. In the case of Windows Phone 8, we think these will go over a bit better as compared to BlackBerry 10. Of course, we should note that we think these have a real potential at being either make or break for Windows Phone.

Finally, Android. This list includes the following;

  • HTC Droid Incredible X; 4G LTE, a 5-inch display and quad-core processor coming in November
  • LG Spectrum II; 4.7-inch display, dual-core processor, 8 megapixel camera and Ice Cream Sandwich coming in early November

In addition, a few details for the recently announced Droid RAZR HD and the Droid RAZR MAXX HD. These are expected to arrive in “the middle of Q4″ and November respectively. Bottom line here, it looks like November is going to be a good month for smartphone lovers on Verizon. And what that really means, if you are planning to upgrade anytime in October, you may want to hold back a few weeks and see how this all plays out.

Via [phoneArena]

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