Motorola announces the S11-Flex HD wireless stereo headphones, should arrive in late-October and priced at $129.99

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Motorola has officially announced their latest set of wireless stereo headphones, the S11-Flex HD. These Bluetooth headphones are not yet available for sale. In fact, they are not expected to arrive for another month or so. Motorola has stated they will be available in-stores on October 28th. They will be priced at $129.99 and you can expect to find them direct with Motorola and also with Best Buy.

With pricing and availability aside, lets get into a bit about what the headphones offer — aside from a wireless connection. These are being touted as being HD and able to provide a custom fit. Motorola has that as follows;

S11-FLEX HD has a flexible outer band, adjustable inner band, and telescoping and rotating ear pieces which let you adjust your headphones so they feel lightweight, balanced and ready for even the most intense workouts.

Motorola also notes the headphones as having dual high-performance mics and dedicated music and volume controls. The S11-Flex HD headphones ship with multiple sized ear cushions which should help you get that custom fit and perhaps most important for some — they will provide up to three hours of listening time on a 15 minute charge. Finally, for those worried about spending $100 plus dollars on something that you will likely wear to workout and sweat on — Motorola has stated that these headphones have “protective seals and moisture-repelling mesh” that will keep the sweat out.

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