Starbucks should have Passbook app support by months end

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When Apple began showing Passbook, we think it is safe to say that we had expected certain companies to be supported. More to the point, it is that we executed certain companies to be supported at launch. Take Starbucks for example, they were mentioned early and even included in the Apple graphics (as you can see above). But on that note, the Starbucks team has recently taken to Twitter in an effort to spread they word — they will have Passbook support by the end of September.

Updated to iOS 6? Our Passbook update is coming at the end of this month! 00111010 00101001

Of course, while we have gotten to poke come fun at Starbucks here, the reality is they are one of the few companies that have offered an update along these lines. And in the meantime, the regular Starbucks app continues to work.

Via [Twitter] and [9to5Mac]

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