Apple releases iPhone User Guide For iOS 6, has it available for free in the iBookstore

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If you recently picked up a new iPhone, or have recently upgraded to iOS 6 — you may want to grab this latest freebie from Apple. Yup, a freebie from Apple. It seems they have launched the iPhone User Guide For iOS 6 by way of the iBookstore. The book, which is 153 pages in length touts itself as being an”essential” part of any iPhone library. And while we have a hard time calling it essential given we suspect that many of the GadgeTell readers may not get all that much from it — we do think that you probably know someone that this will help. And better yet, showing them how to download the book to their device could be a good starting lesson. Of course, that lesson would have to be provided by you. On a serious note though, there are chapters on a wide variety of topics including the Camera, Passbook and even Siri.

Via [iBookstore] and [TUAW]

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