Verizon iPhone 5 confirmed to be carrier unlocked, won’t be relocked soon

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Earlier reports say that the iPhone 5 units being sold by Verizon are said to be GSM unlocked. Meaning, you can grab a unit from Verizon store and load it up with your AT&T compatible nano-SIM and it will work. So many iPhone 5 spectators not only in the U.S. but also those from other countries who are itching to get hold of a unit soon. This is because Apple did not announced whether it will be relasing factory unlocked iPhone 5 units anytime soon. What worries those planning to get the iPhone 5 and use an AT&T or other nano-SIM is that Verizon might relock their iPhone 5. But today, Verizon confirmed that this won’t be happening, according to a report from AP. This also means that if you’re a Verizon iPhone 5 owner and you travel a lot, you can now just grab a nano SIM from a local provider, load it up and you can save a lot of money using the iPhone 5 with a local carrier plan. This is not the first time that an iPhone has been released carrier unlocked. Last year, Sprint released its iPhone 4S without the same restriction but only re-locked it via software update later on. But this time around, we have the confirmation from Verizon that their iPhone 5 units won’t be relocked. So, will this convince you to get the iPhone 5 from Verizon instead?

Via [AP]

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