Barnes & Noble NOOK Video announced, will premier later this year for those in the US and the UK

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Barnes & Noble has announced the latest NOOK branded offering, NOOK Video, which is a service that will debut later in the year. More specifically, Barnes & Noble has stated that NOOK Video will launch in the US this fall and then during the holiday season for those in the UK. Unfortunately, nothing specific just yet in terms of a release date. That bit aside though, lets get into what NOOK Video will actually do. The service will offer movies for streaming and/or downloading and it will also be tied in with “compatible” DVD and Blu-ray movie purchases. Those looking to take advantage of the NOOK Video service will be able to use it on NOOK, as well as other devices. Barnes & Noble touched a bit on their plans to launch a NOOK Video app for other platforms. They didn’t go into specifics as to which, however they did note that the apps would launch “soon” and that “as with the NOOK Reading apps, NOOK Video apps will seamlessly work together so customers can pick up watching right where they left off on any of their connected devices.” In other words, it sounds like we can expect something for at least iOS and Android. Finally, in terms of content, that will include movies and television shows from “major studios” to include HBO, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, STARZ, Viacom, Warner Bros. and The Walt Disney Studios.

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