Redbox Instant, powered by Verizon, tipped to launch in time for the upcoming holiday season

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Redbox Instant was last confirmed to be in a closed internal alpha testing phase. And well, based on that this latest bit may be of surprise for some — the service, Redbox Instant which is powered by Verizon, is expected to launch in time for the upcoming holiday season. Of course, we should point out that details have yet to come in the form of an official announcement. In fact, the details are coming by way of a recent Bloomberg report which states that in addition to the DVD rentals, Rebox will “offer subscription streaming, movie sales and rentals by Christmas.” Further details note that the service will initially focus on newer movies, but ones that have already been made available for sale and rental. Finally, in addition to not getting anything specific in terms of a release date, we have also yet to learn the pricing — rumored or otherwise. That being said, we will be on the lookout for an official announcement from Redbox, though given the service will not be launching for at least another month, we suspect that will not be arriving anytime soon.

Via [Bloomberg] and [Inside Redbox] and [Engadget]

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