RIM offers a BlackBerry 10 sneak peek, shows the “brand new flow”

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Sure, we poked fun at RIM and BlackBerry 10 in this recent post. But really, who can blame us? That being said, we do strive to offer both sides of the story and while we had our fun, lets shift focus to another video. One that give a better look at what users can expect from BlackBerry 10. It seems that in addition to the ‘Devs, BlackBerry Is Going To Keep On Loving You’ music video, RIM also offered a little bit of a sneak peak into to actual operating system. The video is on the shorter side, measuring in at only 1 minute and 47 seconds, but does manage to give a look at several features to include the BlackBerry Hub, to the setting of alarms, to putting your phone into Bedside Mode. Bottom line here, the video does make BlackBerry 10 look more than a bit appealing but at the same time — we are not convinced even that will be enough to get the BlackBerry back to where it once was.

Via [Inside BlackBerry] and [YouTube] and [CrackBerry]

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