O2 and HTC announce plans to sell a yet-to-be-named handset without a charger

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O2 has announced that they will soon begin selling a new “flagship” smartphone from HTC. But the key here, despite not having offered up a name, specs, price or release date — there is an interesting twist here. Or maybe what we would consider a twist now will only become normal as we move forward. Time will tell, but in the meantime — here is that interesting twist. HTC and O2 will be selling this flagship smartphone without a charger. Yup, without a charger. This, according to O2 will be to help avoid having lots of unused and therefor “wasted” chargers. According to details coming from O2, there are 30 million new handsets sold in the UK each year and at this time — 70 percent of those buyers already have a compatible charger on-hand. O2 notes that this makes for 100 million unused chargers. Of course, a charger will still be available for this handset, just for an additional cost. Another perk here, this should help reduce the size of the packaging as well. And for those wondering, yes, the handset will still ship with a USB to micro-USB cable. So how about that, what is your take on getting a new smartphone without a wall charger being included? Me personally, I am all for it. But then again, I am already using a 4-port USB wall charger to avoid having multiple wall plugs being used.

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