Republic Wireless looking to launch a dual-band Motorola DEFY XT sometime “later this year”

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The folks at Republic Wireless have announced the upcoming availability of a dual-band DEFY XT smartphone. This, for those wondering, will be good for those who need a little extra help when it comes to roaming. Of course, as was pointed out, this will likely only effect a small number of users. Republic Wireless noted that “only 1.75% of all minutes used were roaming minutes” (based on data from current LG Optimus users). Still, while this is only a small group, if you are in that group it is likely a big issue. On that note, the folks at Republic Wireless are looking to launch a dual-band DEFY XT. The release date is still not announced. In fact, as of now it is set for sometime “later this year.” The company is going to take care of the users though. They have set forth a plan for Wave A members as well as for Waves B-E members and Wave F and beyond members. Bottom line here, if you are a current Republic Wireless user or a future user that is still waiting on an invitation and you are thinking a dual-band handset is what you will need — follow that via link below and read up on the details for your specific wave. As for this guy, I am more than ok with a single-band handset. But on that note, I am in Wave L which means I likely still have some time before I can become an active customer.

Via [Republic Wireless Blog]

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