Instagram removed live filter support on the iPhone 5, will soon remove it for all

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We mentioned the recent update for the iOS version of Instagram earlier this morning, and well, it looks like a feature has been removed. If you remember, the Instagram update brought the app up to version 3.1.0 and that meant support for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 along with some other smaller items such as improved password recovery, a redesigned registration flow and bug fixes. But more to the point for this post, how about the feature that was removed — live filters. Simply put, those using Instagram on an iPhone 5 no longer have access to the live filters. And for those like myself who never used them — you can rest easy. Otherwise, for now the live filter removal is for iPhone 5 users only however that will soon spread to all iOS devices. This bit comes by way of a brief statement in the Help Center which reads as follows;

“As of the current release (v3.1), Instagram does not support live filters on the iPhone 5. Going forward, live filters will be phased out as we work to improve the Instagram experience for all users.”

Bottom line, if you are really into live filters and on a device other than the iPhone 5 — you will probably want to hold off on any future updates. Otherwise, for those on an iPhone 5 who have already updated — it seems there is a workaround available. The workaround comes from iPhone Savior who note that;

“To access the workaround open the app and select an image form your Photo Library > tap the Choose button > then tap the Red X to undo your selection > now tap the Cancel button on the top right to exit your library.

You’ll now see all the live filters present below. But be warned — you’ll need to complete these few cumbersome steps each time you want to access your live filters.”

Granted, this is not an ideal workaround, but if they were something you feel you cannot live without — at least it can still be done. Of course, we suspect it will only be a matter of time before that is also removed so we suggest just moving forward and getting used to not having live filters.

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