Pivothead offers prescription RX lenses for its HD video recording sunglasses

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As a person who wears glasses with prescription lenses, I find it frustrating to use products that don’t necessarily take my kind into consideration. Fitting 3D glasses over my own feels weird and looks silly, and Google Glass will turn out to be useless if I can’t actually see it. That’s why a smirk came across my face today when I learned Pivothead is now offering prescription RX lenses for select models of its HD video recording sunglasses.

Customers are now able to order prescription lenses for between $179-$199 for basic lenses. Polarized lenses will cost $249 and photochromic lenses are $349. That price is of course on top of the $349 for the Pivothead sunglasses. Custom lenses are only available on the Moab (pictured), Recon and Durango models.

The Pivothead HD recording sunglasses can record in 1080p, contains 8GB of storage and 2GB of SDRAM. In addition to taking video, they can also snap still photos with its 8-megapixel sensor.

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