Suspend your tablet in mid-air with the CTA Digital Gooseneck Clamp Stand

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CTA Digital recently released a new accessory for tablets such as the iPad, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire and other tablets up to 10 inches. It’s called the Gooseneck Clamp, and it’s an adjustable stand that can clamp on most solid surfaces. It’s being sold for $34.50 on Amazon, but you also may be able to find it at retail.

The Gooseneck Clamp Stand is made out of steel and aluminum and has a 20-inch adjustable neck. It can be manipulated to display the tablet in portrait or landscape orientation. The clamps are padded with a soft material and grips the tablet like a claw.

This kind of accessory can be used in a variety of situations. Personally, I could use it as a third monitor for my workspace. It may be a decent product for the price.

Via [CTA Digital]

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