Google and Asus rumored to be working on a $100 Nexus tablet

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According to the latest in the rumor mill, Google and Asus are working towards releasing a sub-$100 Nexus tablet before the end of the year. But on that note, we remind you to consider the source on this one — DigiTimes. Anyway, according to the report, Google is currently working on two new models of the Nexus 7 tablet. These tablets are expected to be thinner and perhaps the key here — less expensive. Well, one of the two anyway. The details provided come by way of some unnamed sources and state that “one of the models will be priced at US$199 while the other will be priced US$99, and both models are expected to hit markets by the end of 2012.” Bottom line here, time will tell just how accurate this will work out to be. But in the meantime, we are not holding our breath.

Via [DigiTimes]

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