Facebook rolls out new gifts service, for real items this time

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Facebook today has started gradually rolling out its new gifting service. And unlike its previous gifting service, this time around Facebook Gifts will let you buy real birthday gifts for your friends and not just virtual stuff.  The service is tied up with Facebook reminders so you’ll know when a friend is celebrating his/her birthday and if you’re feeling generous, the service will easily let you purchase the most fitting gift from Facebook’s catalog of birthday items. The process is pretty simple as well, simply choose a gift, attach a card and send it to your friend. You can post the gift to your friend’s timeline or send it privately. Virtually, your friend will be able to get a preview of the gift that you sent before the actual item arriving on their doorstep. Payments for the gifts you purchase can be right away or you can opt to add your payment details later on. What’s good about this service is that the receiving party can choose the color, size or flavor they want. They can even replace your gift with another item of equal value. But that is of course if you won’t get offended. Facebook says that there are currently hundreds of gifts available from the service with more being added everyday.

So, will you be partaking of this new e-commerce service carried out by Facebook?

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