Dolphin Browser update for iPhone brings in both old and new features

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Dolphin Browser today has been updated and is now available from the iOS App Store. For those not aware, this iPhone browser is a pretty good replacement to mobile Safari which comes default on the iPhone. The updated Dolphin Browser which is now in version 6.1 brings in several new features while at the same times brings back old features as well. One of these is the fullscreen option. In version 6.0 fullscreen view is automatically carried out whenever you are scrolling down a webpage. But now, in the latest version this is no longer automatic but is now optional instead. The right tab sidebar which was also introduced in version 6.0 is also now optional. Dolphin Browser is also now optimized for the new iPhone 5.

The new features of Dolphin Browser include the following:

  • Tab: Back by popular demand now we have the option to access tabs on the top or right sidebar.
  • Tab sync: Sync open tabs across devices and take that article on the go!
  • History sync: Sync your browsing history and make sure you never forget that “one” website on every device
  • Auto fullscreen: Option to turn on/off auto fullscreen in settings
  • iPhone 5: Improved display for iPhone 5 compatibility
  • Tabs: Sleeker switching between tabs
  • Search box: Quicker way to search on the home page.
  • Improved zoom on iOS 4.x devices
  • Various stability and performance improvements

Via [iOS App Store]

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