Nexus 7 Google Play $25 credit offer ends tomorrow, September 30th [Reminder Post]

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We mentioned this one when we first learned of it earlier in the month, however if ignored it could mean some Nexus 7 users would miss out on $25 worth of free goodies from Google Play. Simply put, those who purchased a Nexus 7 tablet were entitled to a $25 Google Play credit that could be used toward apps or whatever else they wanted from the store. The one catch, that credit has to be claimed before the end of the month. And well, the month of September is almost over. Just to make it clear — it you have a Nexus 7 tablet and have yet to claim your credit — you need to do that either today or tomorrow at the latest. Otherwise, don’t worry all that much about using it as once it has been claimed because you have until this time next year to bring the balance down to zero.

Via [Google]

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