Amazon offers a look at the technology inside the Kindle Paperwhite [Video]

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Amazon announced the Kindle Paperwhite earlier in the month and while we are waiting for the actual release, it looks like they have offered up a video about the technology inside. The video is on the shorter side, just about three and a half minutes but it does make one thing clear — Amazon put quite a bit of thought and work into the Paperwhite. In fact, they noted that in a way they have been working on it for 8 years and it is the Kindle they always wanted to build. Nice, in fact I will offer this warning — if you were on the fence about upgrading from a current Kindle device and have been resisting up until this point — you may want to skip watching because in my case this video may have pushed me over the edge. Anyway, check the video above and just to recap, the Kindle Paperwhite is selling for $199 with Special Offers and $139 without Special Offers and should begin shipping soon.

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