Netflix brings the “Just for Kids” interface to the iPad

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The Netflix “Just for Kids” interface has been released for the iPad. Well, for most of the iPads. At this time Netflix has announced the Just for Kids interface for the iPad 2 and the new iPad. Those still rocking an original iPad will have a bit of waiting to do. According to the details coming from Netflix, the original iPad will have this sometime “later.” And for those sporting an Android tablet, you fall into the same category as those with the original iPad and can expect the Just for Kids interface to arrive sometime “later.” Otherwise, for those in need of a refresher, the Netflix Just for Kids interface offers easy access to movies and television shows that are aimed at those 12 and under.

“Netflix “Just for Kids” is filled with movies and TV shows appropriate for kids12 and under, organized in a kid friendly way with large images of their favorite characters and genres such as superheroes, girl power and sing-alongs. Just click the new “Just for Kids” button in the upper left hand side of the Netflix App to enter the section.”

Bottom line, this should help to keep some of the not-so-kid-friendly material away from their eyes.

Via [Netflix Blog]

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