TechnologyTell membership hits “critical mass” and new membership plans and pricing have been announced

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Some things have recently changed with For one, they have announced a new monthly membership offering. And in addition, the annual membership price has dropped a bit. The new plan and lower pricing comes as reaches what they describe as “critical mass.” Or in terms of numbers, having reached 10,000 paying members. Of course, is actually well above 10,000 paying members at this point, but that was what was needed to stable things out.

“The membership of is just about to cross the 20,000 user level, which creates some economies of scale for us. Remember, the original pricing model assumed 10,000 users.”

Anyway, without any further adieu, the new annual member rate price is $36 per year. And for those keeping track, that goes down from $50 per year. Additionally, those who originally signed up at $50 per year will get something as well. According to the details coming from the Blog posting, existing members will have additional months added to their subscription level and you should be on the lookout for (if you have not already received) an email from

The new rate plan that was introduced is monthly and will set you back $5 per month. Granted, going this route will cost you much more than $36 per year, but it could be a good way to test out the service without having to make a full years commitment.

Otherwise, some of the other details that were shared include there now being 10 apps available for iOS, 3 apps for Android users, 1 app for Windows Phone and 4 apps for Mac users. Finally, while nothing specific was mentioned for Windows users, there is a “number” of browser plugins that will work for Chrome and Firefox (regardless of desktop OS).

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