Evernote (for the Web) has been updated, new goodies include a new design for shared notes

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If you happen to be using the web version of Evernote, you may have noticed some changes. According to the description coming from the folks at Evernote, the Web version “just got a lot nicer.” On that note, the changes and improvements deal with the overall look and some help for those with a smaller screen as well as a new design for the shared notes section.

Beginning first with the changes for the shared notes, the change here include putting the content of the note front and center. You can see an example of this in the below image. Otherwise, the ability to share notes over social sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well as over IM and email remain in place. You can also re-share others notes and in the case of a shared note containing multiple images — you will now be given the option to start a slideshow.

Moving over to the overall changes. This brings redesigned notebook icons, improvements to the green bar to include larger and clearer text and a label on the top of the note list that will make it easier to see which notebook you are currently in. Finally, this last one is for those using the web version of Evernote on a smaller screen — it should now be easier to hide the left panel using the new hide and show arrow which can be found toward the bottom of the note list.

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