MoviePass relaunches after overcoming previous roadblocks

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MoviePass has struggled to find a simple way to get its service past movie theater roadblocks. MoviePass is a program that lets its members watch one movie at theaters everyday in exchange for a monthly fee. After experimenting with printed vouchers and special codes, MoviePass now uses an iPhone app (Android coming soon) and a MoviePass debit card to help members purchase tickets.

A membership to MoviePass will cost somewhere between $24.99 and $39.99 a month depending on where you live. Once you make it into the program (there are over 75,000 people on the waitlist), you’ll get a physical MoviePass debit card that works in conjunction with the app. Once you check-in to the theater and choose the movie you want to see, money will be automatically added the MoviePass debit card. You can then purchase the ticket at a kiosk using the debit card.

There are some restrictions in place. In addition to only being able to see one movie per day, you’re also limited to 2D and non-IMAX films.

I can see this service being very useful to frequent movie goers even if it does have an extra layer of complexity. Considering movie tickets where I live cost around $8.50, this membership will pay for itself after a handful of theater visits.

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