NYTimes Web App now available for the iPad

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The New York Times has launched an all new web app for the iPad. Use of this app will be limited to current subscribers and to those using an iPad with iOS 5.0 or later. According to what we are seeing, The New York Times is describing this as a “new experimental way to thread The Times.” The web app offers four methods for reading which break down as follows;

  • Trending
: Find out which Times articles are generating the most interest right now on Twitter.
  • Times Wire: 
See a continuous feed of the latest articles and multimedia from The Times.
  • Today’s Paper
: View the articles from the printed Times, organized just like they were in the newspaper.
  • All Sections
: Get the full breadth of Times coverage, from breaking news to video and photography.

With that, those interested in accessing the NYTimes Web App on an iPad can follow this link to get started. And just to clarify, use of the web app is free for current + Tablet subscribers.

Via [Engadget]

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