Lockitron, a smartphone-controlled, renter-frienldy, keyless-entry system for your front door

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If you are looking for a a way to ditch your front door key and at the same time do very little in terms of modification to make that happen, you may want to check out the Lockitron. This new gadget promises keyless entry from any mobile phone and even works with text messages. Some of the features of the Lockitron include being able to lock and unlock your front door from anywhere and from any phone. Of course, those with a handset with Bluetooth 4.0 will get an extra perk in the form of true keyless entry — the Lockitron will sense when you come near and automatically unlock the door. A few other perks here include easy installation, which also makes this renter-friendly as the Locktron is simply installed over the existing deadbolt. Otherwise, the Lockitron will send you a message if someone unlocks the door (even using the key), when someone knocks on your door and when the built-in batteries run low. The Lockitron features built-in Wi-Fi, runs on a few AA batteries and will be available in black, blue or silver. The one catch, the ‘will be available’ part from the last sentence. You see, while this all sounds good right now, the Lockitron is not yet available for purchase. You can pre-order the device for $149, however it is not expected to ship until March of 2013.

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