Logitech introduces its newest Harmony remote

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Tired of your dull, screen-less remote control? If so, Logitech has a possible solution for you in its new Harmony Touch remote. The Logitech Harmony Touch is a smart remote that also has a touchscreen. It’ll be sold for $249.99.

The Harmony Touch is designed to be the only remote you’ll ever need. It can be programmed to control up to 15 devices at once from 5,000 brands. Logitech also says it’s compatible with 225,000 devices. Navigating through all your connected devices has been streamlined with the Harmony Touch’s touchscreen. You’ll be able to set icons for all your favorite activities and television channels for quick access. You can also program the Harmony Touch on your computer instead of doing everything on the remote itself. The My Harmony website also lets you sync any settings that were stored on previous Harmony remotes.

High tech remotes aren’t for everyone, but if you live in a tech-heavy household, this may be one worth considering.

Via [Logitech]

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