It took three hours for Bad Piggies to reach #1 in the US iOS App Store

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Rovio released Bad Piggies back on September 27th as we had expected. And in addition to expecting a release on that date, we had also been expecting the app to launch with a fair bit of success in terms of the number of downloads. Well, it looks like that happened. According to details coming from a Rovio issued press release, it took just 3 hours for Bad Piggies to reach the #1 spot in the iOS App Store (for the US market). Otherwise, further details note that Angry Birds Space and Amazing Alex also reached the #1 spot in the US iOS App Store, however that was “within the first day of release.” For those actively playing the game, you have an update coming in the not to distant future. Rovio noted that a Bad Pigges update will arrive sometime “in the next few weeks” and that it will contain a new episode titled ‘Flight Into The Night’ which will bring more levels along with some unlockable content.

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Rovio Entertainment’s ‘Bad Piggies’ Breaks Records

ESPOO, Finland, October 3, 2012. ‘Bad Piggies’, the newest game from ‘Angry Birds’ creator Rovio Entertainment, reached #1 in the US iTunes App Store just over three hours after its September 27th launch, making it the fastest rise to the top of the charts for a Rovio game. The game has been well received by fans, with universal acclaim from gaming press and mainstream outlets alike.

‘Bad Piggies’, which lets the players take control of the green pigs familiar from the ‘Angry Birds’ games, is also Rovio’s third #1 bestseller release in a row during 2012, following ‘Angry Birds Space’ and ‘Amazing Alex’. Both of the previous titles reached the #1 slot on the App Store charts within the first day of release, but ’Bad Piggies’ smashed previous Rovio records with its three-hour surge to the top.

‘It’s been an incredible launch, both for the game and for “Bad Piggies” as a brand,’ said Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio. ‘We have an amazing audience who have shown fantastic support for all of our games throughout the year. Our fans have given “Bad Piggies” an incredible reception – we can’t thank them enough!’

The release of ‘Bad Piggies’ was celebrated worldwide, with launch activities in London, Taipei, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. A giant King Pig floated over London’s Battersea Power Station, and Shanghai’s Citigroup Tower and Taipei’s 101 Tower turned green all night on September 27th.

In the next few weeks, ‘Bad Piggies’ will get the first free update, with a new episode titled ‘Flight Into The Night’, containing more levels, unlockable content, and exciting plot twists in the pigs’ quest for the eggs.

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