Kindle Paperwhite shipping times slip to 4-6 weeks with Amazon

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Amazon may have begun shipping the Kindle Paperwhite back on October 1st, however it looks like those shipments will only be making their way to those who had ordered previously. In short, the Kindle Paperwhite shipping time seems to have slipped a bit. A quick check of the Paperwhite listing on the Amazon website is now showing an “expected” shipping timeframe of 4 to 6 weeks. And for those looking to make a purchase and thinking about playing the which version of the Kindle Paperwhite will ship quicker game — we should point out that this 4 to 6 week shipping timeframe includes the Wi-Fi only Paperwhite with and without Special Offers as well as the 3G equipped Paperwhite with and without Special Offers.

Via [Amazon] and [TechCrunch]

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