Airbnb, Eventbrite and McDonalds now supported in Apple’s Passbook

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Earlier this morning we mentioned the added Passbook support for Starbucks, and well, it looks like a few other bigger names have also added support. The latest arrive as Airbnb, Eventbrite and McDonalds. Though, in terms of McDonalds, we should point out that support will initially be limited to those in France. According to details coming from McDonalds, the Passbook support has come by way of the GoMacDo app and will allow those in France to pay at any of the 50 plus McDonalds locations.

Otherwise, the Airbnb Passbook support comes by way of the v2.2.2 app update. Airbnb v2.2.2 notes state that you can add your upcoming reservations to your iOS 6 Passbook by tapping on your upcoming reservation on the Upcoming tab. In addition, v2.2.2 of the Airbnb app also includes proper support for the 4-inch display of the iPhone 5.

Finally, the Eventbrite Passbook support has come along with version 2.2 of the iPhone app. Eventbrite v2.2 includes support for Passbook which users will see in the form of an “Add to Passbook” option in the share menu. This latest release of the Eventbrite app also added support for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 as well as other unspecified enhancements and fixes.

Bottom line here, it looks like Passbook support has begun to arrive. Now the question remains — will users actually embrace and use Passbook?

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