GadgeTell hands-on with some GorillaPod and GorillaTorch goodies from Joby

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What is being reviewed?

Up for review today we have a few items from Joby. The goodies include the GorillaTorch 100 along with the GorillaPod Original and the GripTight Mount. The GorillaTorch is currently available and priced at $29.95, the GorillaPod is currently available and priced at $19.95 and the GripTight Mount is expected to be available in October/November.

Disclaimer: These items were provided to GadgeTell for the purpose of the review.

My thoughts

These offerings from Joby are not new. In fact, the idea of this flexible tripod has been available for some time now. I have even considered buying one of these from time to time. But being cheap at times, I have always resisted as they are not something that I could not live without. And while I am not saying I could not live without these products going forward, they have proved their value.

The goodies that I have been playing with include the GorillaTorch 100, the GorillaPod Original and the GripTight Mount. The mount attaches to the GorillaPod and given the design — can easily hold a variety of items. For me, the GripTight worked well for my Canon point and shoot as well as with several smartphones that I had in the office. The adjustment is tension so there is nothing to do aside from slip the gadget in. It opens fairly wide, going from about 2.1-inches up to about 2.8-inches. I used it with the GorillaPod, however it has a standard tripod mount and can likely be attached to a wide variety of tripods.

In terms of the GorillaPod, there is really not all that much to say. It works as advertised and it worked well. You can prop your camera up for basic use and adjust the pod in a wide variety of settings. It also can wrap itself around and attach to plenty. Basically, you are going to be limited here only in terms of your imagination. Well, that and the size of you camera as the GorillaPod Original is rated to hold up to 11.5 ounces. Another nice perk here, the GorillaPod Original is available in a wide variety of colors.

Next up, the GorillaTorch 100. And this I will admit, I did not know that Joby was offering a light before. Needless to say, this product features the same bendable legs as the GorillaPod and can therefor be stood and attached in a wide array or places. The GorillaTorch 100 also has magnets in the bottoms that will allow you stick the light in plenty of other (metal) places. The light itself is touted as being 50 percent brighter. But more to the point here, it has a brightness of 100 lumens, an adjustable brightness and is both water and drop resistant. The light works on 3 (included) AA batteries. Also similar to the GorillaPod, the Torch is available in a few colors.

The bottom line

While these are certainly not products that you cannot live without, they do seem to have proved their value for me. The flexible arms and ability to form them into just about any angle or any height were wonderful. Not to mention the option to twist the legs and have them hang from other objects. And on the GorillaTorch, the magnets in the bottom were a nice touch and I am looking forward to taking this camping next weekend. Simply put, if you are looking for a good camera or light stand — you may want to check out Joby as these are nicely made and also inexpensive. Certainly something that I would dub a good value for the price.

Product [GorillaTorch 100] and [GorillaPod Original] and [GripTight Mount]

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