Redbox now sells tickets to concerts and events

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Not content with merely selling movie and video game rentals, Redbox has moved into the ticket selling business. Philadelphia is the first city to benefit from this new venture.

Redbox is selling tickets to a November 28 Carrier Underwood concert, and tickets to various screenings at the Philadelphia Film Festival. Potential customers can either purchase tickets at a Redbox kiosk or from the Redbox website. The physical tickets will need to be either printed from a computer or picked up at the venue. Redbox only charges a $1 service fee per ticket.

Now just because Redbox is selling tickets doesn’t mean it’s charging Redbox prices. Carrie Underwood tickets are being sold between $44.38-$54.03. Tickets to the Philadelphia Film Festival range between $11 and $18.

Redbox also has a section on its site where customers can request Redbox to sell tickets in their area.

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