TomTom navigation app comes available for Android

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First announced during IFA 2012 last month, the TomTom navigation app has finally arrived on Google Play. This is the same navigation app that iPhone users have been enjoying the app for quite some time now. And so its arrival on Google Play will surely be welcomed by Android users. Unfortunately, while the app’s features and functionality are pretty much intact for its Android iteration, the TomTom navigation app for Android has one major flaw – it does not support today’s advanced smartphones yet. These include the Samsung Galaxy S III among others. The good news here is that if you’ve been keeping your old Android devices, chances are the app will work on it. So, give it a shot but only if you don’t mind paying $37.99 for the app which comes pre-loaded with US and Canada maps. And according to TomTom, the $37.99 price tag is the introduction price of the app.

Editor note on the price, Google Play currently shows $49.99, however we have been told by TomTom that the app would launch at $37.99.

For just shy of $40 you’ll get to use one of the most reliable mobile navigation apps. Maps are stored offline so you can use the app even if you don’t have a good cellular signal from your current location. TomTom is also generous enough to confirm that there will be quarterly updates  of the app to ensure that you’ll get the latest map.

Other features of the TomTom navigation app for Android include:

  • 2D/3D driving view
  • Clear voice instructions
  • Fast route recalculation
  • Multi-stop routes
  • Eco Routes
  • Navigate to contacts
  • Millions of pre-installed POIs
  • Automatic music fading
  • Automatic day & night mode
  • Car symbols
  • Map colors

Via [Google Play]

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