Street View goes live on the Google Maps web app for iOS

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Yesterday, we told you that Google was about to add Street View on its Google Map web app. This is obviously to answer the gripes of many when Google Maps was taken out as the default map app in iOS 6. And since it seems that Google has no immediate plans to release a native Google Map app for iOS, the best it can offer at the moment is the inclusion of Street View on the web. All that said, you can now point your iPhone’s mobile web browser to and tap on location to reveal the pegman icon which if you tap will bring out the Street View functionality. Google said that with Street View, you can also use panoramic and street-level imagery when exploring and navigating places around you. So, do you think you can live with Google Maps and Street View on your iOS devices’ web browser? If you find that a little out of your taste, you can bookmark the site and save it on your device’s homescreen. That sort of replaces the Google Maps that you’ve been missing since iOS 6 took over your device.

Via [Google Latlong]

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