Google appears to be readying Snapseed for Android

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Google previously purchased Nik Software, which for those not as familiar with the name, is the company behind Snapseed. Of course, given Snapseed was previously available only for iOS, there was some speculation and concern that the app would simply disappear over time. But the latest hint, which has arrived by way of a simple image upload on the Google+ page of Vic Gundotra seems to imply that Snapdseed is not going away. In fact, the image upload seems to hint that Snapseed may soon work with Android and integrate with Google+. That being said, there is plenty of guessing and hoping here, but at least for the meantime — Snapseed appears to be alive and well and we are going to remain on the lookout for an entry into Google Play.

Via [Google+ Vic Gundotra] and [TechCrunch]

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