Hipstamatic update brings iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support along with numerous other improvements

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Hipstamatic for iPhone has recently been updated and given the timing, you would be correct in assuming that this update has brought proper support for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. But thankfully, that is not where the changelog stops. Hipstamatic has been upped to version 260 and along with the previously noted support, there were also some improvements to the Flash Slider and the Prints and Stacks view.

  • Improved Flash Slider, with easier access to soft and hard flash (on supported devices)
  • Revamped Prints and Stacks view, with support for portrait as well as landscape orientations (requires iOS 6)

In addition, Hipstamatic for iPhone also has some shiny new black and white camera cases and the ability to shoot “amazing” layer images with the Multi-Exposure Kit. We should point out though, the Multi-Exposure Kit is available by way of the HipstaMart and will set you back an additional $0.99 in the form of an in-app purchase. That is on top of the $1.99 purchase price for the app. Of course, as an occasional Hipstamatic user, that is a well-spent $1.99. Finally, Hipstamatic v260 also had some other unspecified bug fixes and performance improvements.

Via [iOS App Store]

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