Rovio teaser image suggests something Star Wars and Angry Birds

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Rovio does not appear to be showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. We have seen the recent release of Bad Piggies, which set a new download record for the company and as of today the company has taken to Twitter with a new teaser. A teaser that suggests we may see something Star Wars related. The image that you see above is the one that was posted on Twitter and as you can see, it does not reveal all that much. The Star Wars hint comes for those who take a trip over to the Angry Birds Tumblr account — that page has a similar image posted. Well, more accurately, they have an animated GIF posted that is showing a lightsaber. Of course, something Star Wars is just a guess, well a hope anyway. What we do have from Rovio (aside from the image and GIF), is the promise of more hints to come.

Via [Twitter @AngryBirds] and [Tumblr (AngryBirds)]

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