Instagram reflects on two years of availability

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It seems that people either love or hate Instagram. As for me, I fall into the love category and while I have been using it for what seems like a while — Instagram has only turned two this month. In fact, the folks over at Instagram have recently noted on the company blog that Instagram launched to the public back on October 6th, 2010. Of course, at that time the app was available only for the iPhone. In fact, it was not until much later that an Android app came available. Instagram for Android launched back in early April of this year. But as we saw, Android users quickly adopted the app, bringing the user base up to 5 million in just a few days time. And on the subject of numbers, Instagram recently shared some. They now have more than 80 million registered users and are seeing more than 5 million photos begin uploaded each and every day. Some other highlights include a total of more than 4 billion images having been uploaded since the launch and 81 comments per second with 575 likes per second.

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