Larklife fitness tracker; a “smart” wristband and “intuitive” app, coming before the holidays and priced at $149.99

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If you have been shopping for a health and fitness related gadget, it looks like another will soon begin shipping. The latest is called the Larklife. The Larklife is currently available for pre-order. The price is $149.99 and as of this time, it is said that it will begin shipping before the holidays. That being said, if you are curious despite the fact that the Larklife is not yet available, continue reading to find out just what it can do.

The Larklife is a fitness tracker that works in combination with an iPhone app and a wristband that you wear. The Larklife has a rather bold description of allowing you to “make little changes and see big improvements without a whole lot of extra effort.” More to the point here, the Larklife should help you to exercise smarter, eat smarter, sleep smarter and improve your productivity. What that seems to translate to — reminders that encourage you to workout and take breaks throughout your workday. And nicely, it was said the the wristband will even know the difference between walking and running. Other perks break down as follows; the alarm is a vibrating silent alarm which should wake you more “naturally” and also not bother others as well as a food tracker which is a food diary where you manually enter what you eat. The food diary and having to manually enter everything is not a perfect set-up, however after using a similar app for a while, I will say that it does make you think about what you are going to eat knowing that you will be entering and recording it.

Bottom line here, while the Larklife seems similar (and slightly more expensive) as compared to other similar offerings, I would be lying if I said that I was not curious. I am not entirely certain that I will commit to a pre-order, however I will be curious to see the reviews once the Larklife is readily available.

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