Sprint now lets customers create their own phone number

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Sprint has launched a new service called StarStar that’s designed to give its customers the option of creating their own number. For $3 a month, anyone can choose to associate their existing mobile number with a word of their choosing. Every number has to begin with ** (star, star), but the following word can be a name, sports team or anything else a customer wants to be associated with.

Sprint also released an Android app called StarStar Me. This app enables a user to choose what happens when someone dials their StarStar number. For example, there’s an option to make the phone ring when the StarStar number is dialed, or unanswered calls can be responded to with a custom text message.

StarStar numbers can be much easier to remember than traditional numbers. If you give out your number a lot, $3 a month may be worth the investment.

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