Google shows developers how to create better tablet apps

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Google is expecting an increase in Android tablet sales this holiday season. The current Nexus 7 most certainly gift worthy, and the rumor mill suggests a 32GB Nexus 7 is on its way too. In order to provide the best tablet experience possible, Google has provided developers with tips on how to make their apps fully compatible with tablets.

Google created a tablet app quality checklist that acts as the basis for tablet app development. Google suggests developers do things such as test the performance quality of targeted devices, make slight tweaks to automatically scale their app for different screen sizes, create multi-pane layouts, improve the resolution of icons and text and other very useful tips.

Google also points out case studies for apps such Instapaper, Mint and Tiny Village. The case studios are meant to show how much more successful an app can be when it’s properly optimized for tablets.

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