Opera Mobile 12.1 now available in Google Play

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The latest release of Opera Mobile for Android has arrived for download by way of Google Play. The browser is now sitting as version 12.1, which is promising “slimmer, safer surfing on the go.” To begin with, those looking for or wondering the difference between Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. The Mobile version is described as being a “full-featured sibling of the data-saving Opera Mini.” In other words, Opera Mobile is the one you likely want if you want more features. Anyway, Opera Mobile 12.1 is available for free and the changelog for this latest update reads as follows;

“Opera Mobile 12.1 for Android comes with fraud protection, best-in-class support for web standards and improved compatibility with mobile sites.”

Further details on the fraud detection include the browser alerting you about sites that have been marked as suspicious or previously used for illicit activity. Those surfing to a flagged site will get a warning and be asked whether they want to continue on or head back. Otherwise, the web standards bit arrives as a few items that have previously been available for the regular desktop browser. Opera note that SPDY and WebSockets have arrived with Mobile 12.1.

  • SPDY: Shortly after the introduction of SPDY on Opera 12.10 desktop beta, the HTTP improvement protocol has made it into the Opera Mobile version. Using a new and improved protocol for communicating to web servers around the world, the SPDY protocol makes fetching webpages more efficient. Twitter and Gmail are two early adopters of the SPDY protocol. Rumors has it that SPDY, by the way, would be pronounced “spø-ddi” in Norwegian.
  • WebSockets: Rich content is the new way of the web, and WebSockets is here to make it happen. With WebSockets, the browser in your mobile device get top notch access to the web server, improving two-way communications between your mobile device and web server for applications.

Finally, the compatibility improvements. These come as a new CSS feature and additional HTML5 goodness and really, they should make your mobile browsing experience just a little bit better. The new CSS features and HTML5 changes are further broken down as follows;

  • CSS features: New support for CSS Animations and Flexbox allows web developers to be even more creative in design and layout of their webpages.
  • More HTML5 goodies: Combine the visual eye candy of CSS with some HTML5 practicality and voilá, even better mobile browsing. That’s why we’ve added HTML5 goodies like HTML5 Drag and Drop and the HTML5 Clipboard API to Opera Mobile 12.1. These features help web developers connect better to the surfer’s devices and, e.g., access clipboard content such as text and pictures.

Via [Opera] and [Google Play]

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