Leaked and in-the-wild style images surface for the LG E960 (LG Nexus)

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We are beginning to see more and more about the LG E960, a device that some will know a little better as the LG Nexus. And while we have yet to get any official announcement from LG or Google, it is beginning to seem certain that LG will be making a Nexus smartphone. Whether or not that ends up being the one and only Nexus or we see multiple Nexus handsets from multiple carriers is still in question. In the meantime, it appears as if some in-the-wild style images of the LG Nexus have recently surfaced. The images have arrived by way of the xda forums and offer a decent look at the front and back of the handset. Also included was the about phone screen which is showing the handset as running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean with a model number of “Full Jelly Bean on Mako.” As always, time will tell just how accurate these images prove to be.

Via [xda-developers] and [AndroidCentral]

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