RIM appears to be pulling the BlackBerry PlayBook from online retailers

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We have yet to see any official comment from RIM, however we have seen reports about the PlayBook tablet being pulled from US and Canadian retailers. No word as to whether the PlayBook is going away entirely, or if this is just an inventory issue. But what we can see now is the tablet disappearing from various retail US based retailers to include Walmart, Best Buy, RadioShack and Staples. At the present time Office Depot still has a listing, however those attempting to make a purchase will be greeted with an out-of-stock message. The news is similar in Canada where Best Buy and FutureShop have the 16GB and 64GB models showing as out-of-stock. The 32GB model is still showing as available in Canada, with Best Buy and Future Shop who have it priced at a nicely discounted $153. Of course, nicely discounted may be a bit strong given the price drop appears to be a last ditch to sell the remaining inventory.

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