Lookout for Android update brings a complete redesign, improved protection against a lost device and more

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While the teaser we mentioned last week promised something new in 7 days and this update appears to have arrived in 6, we believe this latest release of the Lookout app for Android is what the company was trying to get everyone fired up about. Regardless though, the Lookout Security & Antivirus Android app has been updated and it looks like one that current users will want to grab as soon as possible. Heck, with the addition of a feature called Signal Flare we suspect some new users may also be coming aboard. That being said, lets dive right in with just what Signal Flare is and what it will be able to do. In short, it will help to further prevent against losing your device — even in times of low or no battery. You see, Signal Flare will automatically save the position of the device as the battery gets low.

“Signal Flare: An added protection against lost phones that automatically saves your device’s location when your battery gets low, improving the chance of getting your phone back.”

In addition, the Lookout app has also been redesigned and given an activity feed. These latest two break down as follows;

  • Completely Redesigned: Our battery friendly app has a fresh, sleek design that makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.
  • Activity Feed: A dashboard that allows you to see how your phone and data are being protected from mobile threats, identity theft and financial fraud.

And perhaps one of the nicer parts — the app remains free, both to download and to use.

Via [Google Play]

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