Nike announces increased retail availability and two new colors for the FuelBand

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Nike has announced the upcoming availability of the FuelBand fitness bracelet in two additional colors. And perhaps even nicer for some that wish to see the FuelBand in person before making a purchase — Nike will also be increasing the retail availability come the end of the month. The new colors will be Black Ice (above) and White Ice (below) and increased availability will kick in on October 31st. Also worth noting, the new colors and increased availability will be for those in the US, Canada and United Kingdom. Of course, those already wiling to commit, you will still be able to make the purchase (of the new and existing colors) directly from the website. Lastly, Nike noted that the FuelBand mobile app has been designed/updated with the iPhone 5, 4S and 4 as well as the iPod Touch (third generation and onwards) in mind.

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