Bookeen unveils the Cybook Odyssey Frontlight, its lightest e-book reader

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Bookeen, who claim to have brought an e-reader solution earlier than Amazon did, is announcing today its sixth generation reader. Dubbed the Cybook Odyssey Frontlight, this e-book reader features first and foremost an inbuilt FrontLight solution and an “advanced” E Ink HD display. The reader also features an enhanced user interface and is said to be innovative and does not consume too much power when in used. Design-wise, the Cybook Odyssey Frontlight features a High Speed Ink System and smart connectivity technology. The e-reader has a 213 DPI display with 62% more pixels than most current e-readers today. This enables the e-reader to display fonts and images more precisely on its 758 x 1024 screen resolution. In addition, the e-reader also features capacitive touch display including anti-glare. And to answer your need to read in low-light condition, Bookeen gives you twenty levels of FrontLighting which you can access just by sliding the regulator on the touch screen to adjust the light power depending on the lighting condition.

The Cybook Odyssey FrontLight e-reader will be available sometime in November. And although price is still unannounced, it looks like Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite will have another good competitor.

Via [Bookeen]

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