Nike+ SportWatch now available in a White & Silver and Black & Red edition

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Yesterday we learned that Nike will soon have a few new colors available for the FuelBand fitness bracelet and as of today, we have word of new colors for yet another Nike branded fitness product. The latest news is arriving for the Nike+ SportWatch, which is a GPS watch powered by TomTom. In short, the Nike+ SportWatch is now available in a new color — White & Silver. And just to clarify that bit, not white and silver, but one watch that is White & Silver. Those looking for something different yet, there is also a new Black & Red version available exclusively with Best Buy. That said, the Nike+ SportWatch in White & Silver or Black & Red is currently available for pre-order and are priced at $169 and $149 respectively. Otherwise, the SportWatch remains available in black & anthracite, black & blue, black & volt and volt & black.

Via [Business Wire]

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