Google+ mobile app updated to v3.2, brings support for Google+ pages

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The Google+ mobile app, both for Android and iOS have recently been updated. This update brings the apps to version 3.2, but perhaps more important — it brings something that page owners will be happy to see. Coming in v3.2 of the Google+ mobile app is proper support for pages, which means that Google+ page owners will be able to view, post and comment.

That addition applies to both the Android and iOS versions of the app. There were also some OS specific changes worth noting. For example, Android users also have an updated home screen widget and the ability to discover people and topics “more easily” using the “Find People” option. As for the iOS side, these users can now edit posts (on the iPad and iPhone) and also search for people and posts on the iPad.

With that, the updated version of Google+ can be found in the respective app stores — Google Play for Android and the iOS App Store for the iPhone and iPad.

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