Lockitron pre-orders move from the first-batch to a second-batch, now shipping in May 2013

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Just a few days back we mentioned the Lockitron, which for those who missed that post — that is a new gadget that will allow for keyless entry into your home. The Lockitron works with a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled phone and is easy to install. In fact, one of the perks is that even those renting will be able to use this as there is no changing of the actual lock hardware needed. That bit said though, when we wrote about the Lockitron the other day we mentioned that it was currently available for pre-order and expected to ship in March 2013. And well, since that post it looks like things have changed a bit. The Lockitron is still available for pre-order, however the shipping time has slipped a bit. It seems the first batch of Lockitron units have sold out and the company is now working on taking orders for the second batch — a batch that will not be shipping until May 2013. In other words, if you were like me and did not jump to place a pre-order after that post — you will now be waiting a few additional months to get your Lockitron. Me personally, I am going now to avoid having any further delays.

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[Update] Reservation placed, I am backer number 11,891.

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