Google Play update makes it easier to remove multiple previously-installed apps

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While some of us are still waiting for the Android 4.1.2 update, Google has gone ahead and started pushing out another update specifically for Google Play on Android. This update brings the Google Play app to version 3.9.16, and it contains small, yet useful features.

Android Police reports the new update now lets you remove multiple apps from the “All Apps” list. If you’ve been using Android for a few years, chances are you’ve amassed a ton of apps that you no longer use. By long pressing on the app you want removed and single tapping on every subsequent app, you can remove them all at once. This action also syncs with your Google account, so it’ll replicate itself across all your devices.

Google also changed the notification icon that pops up when apps need to be updated. Instead of showing a little box with a downward facing arrow, you’ll now see the Google Play shopping bag. Update notifications are also expandable.

Source [Android Police]

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