Verizon Wireless rumors suggest a Nokia Lumia 922 is coming

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It looks like we have another Windows Phone 8 rumor for Verizon Wireless. This latest comes in addition to the recent Lumia 822 leaks, and well, appears as if those looking for a higher-end Windows Phone 8 device are not going to be disappointed. And lets just clarify this, these details have yet to be confirmed by Nokia or Verizon. With that out of the way, lets get into the goodies. According to Twitter user @NokiaPureView, they have a handled a device that is for Verizon Wireless, running Windows Phone 8 and not the Lumia 822. In fact, they have noted that the device has a “matte finish, Pureview, is thinner, lighter and better” as compared to the Lumia 822. Sounds a bit like the Lumia 9xx series. As for the 922, that is simply speculation and based on the x22 formatting of the lower-end Nokia that we have seen leak in image form. Unfortunately no images have been posted. And lastly, speculation suggests that this is a device we may see announced in early next year, possible in January during CES .

Via [phoneArena] and [Twitter @NokiaPureView]

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